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News spotlight: In the Philippines, a sea turtle sanctuary is threatened by climate change

By Mary Kate McCoy

November 15, 2022
On a tiny island in the Philippines, fishermen and green sea turtles live side by side in hard-earned harmony. That wasn’t always the case. Slowly and steadily, they have returned, a story of against-the-odds compromise.
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News spotlight: What happened to Alaska’s snow crabs? Scientists have a few leads.

By Mary Kate McCoy

October 25, 2022
Deep in the frigid east Bering Sea, snow crabs have historically flourished — supporting Alaska’s $160 million annual crabbing industry. Yet state officials recently sent shockwaves across the industry when they announced there would be no snow crab season this year for the first time.
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Half underwater shot of a surfer riding a reef break wave in Indonesia

News spotlight: Athletes become activists to protect surf ecosystems

By Emma Cummings-Krueger

October 19, 2022
In case you missed it: More than 85 percent of the world's best surf breaks are located in areas that are critically important for conservation. And surfers are some of the ecosystems’ best advocates.
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A diverse, dense coral community was present throughout the dive at Debussy Seamount.
© NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research

News spotlight: Sea creatures could harbor the next generation of medications, but are they at risk?

By Vanessa Bauza

September 12, 2022
In case you missed it: Scientists are sourcing new, lifesaving medications from the sea. But deep-sea mining explorations could risk critical marine ecosystems before their potential is understood.
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What on Earth is 'aquaculture'?

By Kiley Price

July 21, 2022
In this explainer, we dive into “aquaculture,” a method for farming fish, which can sustainably satisfy the world's growing appetite for seafood — when done correctly.
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