Hear me while you can

Nature is critical to our survival — its voice must be heard. Listen to the sounds of nature and help us protect it for the benefit of all.


Nature is life: Every breath you take, every drop you drink, every bite you eat — it all comes from nature. And by storing climate-warming carbon, ecosystems like forests and oceans help prevent the most dangerous effects of climate change. As valuable as nature is to our survival, it is also deeply threatened. Few places on the planet have escaped humankind’s presence.

We must work to protect nature. But it can be hard to care for a place you’ve never experienced.


Listen, come closer. Immerse yourself now.

Explore the soundscapes of nature — intricate birdsongs, the murmur of insects, trickling streams — and be transported across the globe.

Also available in French, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish.



Protect critical ecosystems like these

Join the thousands of people like you who have stepped up to protect the nature we can’t live without.