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Gordon Moore, digital pioneer and philanthropist, dies at 94

By Vanessa Bauza

March 25, 2023
Digital pioneer, business leader and philanthropist Gordon Moore died at his home in Hawaiʻi on March 24. While Moore was best known as a titan of the tech world, his contributions to the natural world were equally pathbreaking.
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Study: Patterns of wildlife 'range loss' could offer clues for conservation

By Mary Kate McCoy

March 14, 2023
More than one million species are at risk of extinction largely because they are being pushed out of places where they have long lived — known as “ranges.” But not all range loss looks the same.
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News spotlight: Mangrove deforestation drops, but new protections still needed

By Emma Cummings-Krueger

November 23, 2022
Worldwide, mangroves — once destroyed for agriculture and development — have seen a sharp decline in deforestation. A new report from the Global Mangrove Alliance offers a plan to end mangrove loss entirely.
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Jorge Ahumada on the Potomac River in Virginia
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Meet a scientist: Using tech to advance wildlife conservation

By Kiley Price

October 21, 2022
Senior Wildlife Conservation Scientist Jorge Ahumada uses technology to track wildlife species around the world and ensure the data is available to craft smart policies for their protection. Conservation News spoke to him about his passion for mining big data to uncover hidden trends in nature.
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News spotlight: Australia aims to end extinctions — critics see a plan that picks ‘winners’

By Mary Kate McCoy

October 10, 2022
Australia has lost more mammals to extinction than any other continent. A new plan commits to protecting its iconic wildlife, but some say it doesn’t go far enough.
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