If we don’t stop the destruction of nature

Nothing else will matter.



2019 Accomplishments



Conservation International worked closely with the Bolivian government to create the Bajo Madidi Municipal Conservation and Management Area, which permanently protects close to


(3.7 million acres) of savanna, wetland and rainforest.



Among leading NGOs, Conservation International has generated

68% of verified carbon credits

that meet rigorous standards to address climate change, 
support local communities and conserve biodiversity.



In the last calendar year, Conservation International’s sustainable landscapes and seascapes program has supported the conservation of

71.3 million hectares

(more than 176 million acres) with partners.



In Colombia, Conservation International is directly preventing the loss of 9,600 hectares (nearly 24,000 acres) of mangrove forests and actively restoring 1,800 hectares (about 4,500 acres) more, benefiting the more than

12,000 people

Who live in or near the project site.



The “Nature Now” video produced in collaboration with Conservation International and featuring climate activist Greta Thunberg received

47.6  million views

across various partners and platforms.

25%Public Funding, NGOs and Multilaterals
3%Other Income
46%Country, Regional and Oceans
19%Grantmaking Divisions
7%Management + Operations
6%Moore Center for Science
3%Center for Environmental Leadership in Business
2%The Center for Communities and Conservation


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2018 Annual Report

What if nature reached its fullest potential as a climate solution? What if nature and people could thrive in the same place, forever? What if we could protect the ocean at a scale unlike any we've seen before? What if we could spur innovations in science and finance that accelerate conservation everywhere? What if we stand together and dramatically increase progress for the future?

At Conservation International, we are proud to have some of the leading minds in natural and social science, policy, finance and business working together to improve people’s lives through the care and protection of nature. Their insights are helping societies develop and thrive in a more sustainable, equitable way.

Rescued elephants at Reteti Elephant Sanctuary are looked after by local keepers from the Samburu in Northern Kenya.
© Ami Vitale

2017 Annual Report

Since our beginning, in 1987, Conservation International has worked with partners to protect more than 1.5 billion acres of the most critical landscapes and seascapes around the world — equivalent to two thirds of the United States. It is an impact visible from space. And it has changed the trajectory of global conservation and positively impacted the lives of millions of people in over 30 countries.

2016 Annual Report
© CI/Illustration by Peter Strain

2016 Annual Report

We live in uncertain times. But there is one thing we can be sure of: People need nature to survive. At Conservation International, we have always done what is right for communities and for nature — regardless of whether it is easy or conventional. And through your support, we have thrived.

2015 Annual Report
© CI/Illustration by Meloni Mitchell & Roberto Calbucci

2015 Annual Report

"We rely on nature to fulfill our needs for food, water and a stable climate. Society has failed to account for the value of her forests, grasslands and wetlands, her oceans, coral reefs and rivers. But listening to Mother Nature is not enough. We must act."


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