A view of Indonesia's Raja Ampat archipelago


Conservation International is committed to working with local partners to help protect Indonesia’s natural resources


As of January 2022, Conservation International is collaborating and coordinating with Konservasi Indonesia, a national foundation, as its main partner. Working in partnership with the government and strategic stakeholders, Konservasi Indonesia is continuing Conservation International’s work in Indonesia to design and deliver innovative nature-based solutions.


Why Indonesia?

Indonesia is a vast, beautiful country at a critically important crossroads. Its 17,000 islands are home to nearly 250 million people who depend on the country’s natural resources. From these islands’ forests, farms and surrounding oceans, people receive food, a stable climate – and prosperity. Indonesia is developing quickly and has one of the fastest growing economies in the world. The country’s response to this modernization — how it balances production with the protection of nature —will determine the fate of its abundant natural wealth – and the people who live on it.


Our solutions

Conservation International is working with Konservasi Indonesia to support sustainable development and the protection of critical ecosystems in Indonesia, both on land and in the sea. This aligns with the focus of Konservasi Indonesia, which is to protect, preserve and maintain the critical marine and terrestrial ecosystems. Konservasi Indonesia emphasizes helping to stabilize the climate by protecting and restoring rainforests and coastal mangroves, maintaining fisheries and marine resources, and expanding sustainable development practices.


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