Centers and Programs


Patricia Alvarez and Ingrid Serrano Zubileta 
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Betty and Gordon Moore Center for Science

Through innovative partnerships, advanced analyses and rigorous research on the ground (and in the water), the Moore Center develops science-based tools to inform policies and actions. Our work helps decision-makers protect nature and human well-being.


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Center for Communities and Conservation

The Center for Communities and Conservation works to make conservation more inclusive, equitable and transparent by improving social and environmental governance to achieve lasting and effective outcomes. The center recognizes and supports Indigenous peoples and local community stewards — both women and men — and ensures that conservation tools are co-created with communities to inform design and implementation decisions that benefit them.


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Conservation Finance

Reaching global conservation goals requires innovative financing strategies that blend traditional philanthropic and public funding with private capital. The Conservation Finance program supports this aim by providing loans to small businesses committed to practices that benefit ecosystems, fund the creation and expansion of protected areas, and help commercialize carbon credits through private sector partnerships.


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Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund

Through grants to nongovernmental organizations, private sector entities, communities and individuals, the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund helps people be good stewards of the planet so they and future generations continue to benefit from its life-sustaining resources.


Lonely fisherman.
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Global Environment Facility

Bringing together 183 countries in partnership with international institutions, civil society organizations and the private sector, the Global Environment Facility (GEF) is the largest public funder of projects to tackle the planet’s most pressing environmental problems. As an accredited GEF project agency, Conservation International works with national governments around the world to identify and design conservation projects and advise on project execution, while complying with the GEF's environmental and social safeguards.


Tropical rainforest and river at Selangor State
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Center for Global Policy and Government Relations

We form partnerships with governments, businesses and communities to develop innovative strategies and inform policy and investment decisions that protect ecosystems. And we share best practices with decision-makers around the world to increase our impact on a global scale.


Hawaii fisherman.
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Green Climate Fund

The Green Climate Fund (GCF) was established as a financial mechanism for the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change with the goal of addressing climate change adaptation and mitigation by allocating resources for particularly vulnerable countries. As the first international NGO to be accredited to the GCF, Conservation International supports the development and implementation of projects that transform countries' climate resilience and promote green economies.


A restored mangrove forest
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Center for Natural Climate Solutions

Protecting and restoring tropical forests and mangroves would account for at least 30 percent of the global action needed to avoid the worst climate scenarios — and help communities adapt to the effects of climate change. The Center for Natural Climate Solutions supports efforts to maximize nature's role in combatting climate change by targeting critical barriers to progress, including integrated land use planning, policy, mangrove restoration and financing.


Conservation International Gam team installing a manta ID camera.
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Center for Oceans

The Center for Oceans connects local action and global impact through sound strategies, alliances, learning communities and proven tools. Our long-term goal: conserving marine biodiversity and ecosystems to safeguard their ecological, social and economic benefits for people and nature.


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Center for Sustainable Lands and Waters

The Center for Sustainable Lands and Waters works to introduce scalable, sustainable development initiatives that align community, policy and market-based incentives at the global, regional and local levels. Focus areas include implementation of community-based incentives, freshwater conservation and efforts to improve the sustainability of key commodities, including coffee and palm oil.


© Paul Hilton for Conservation International

International Blue Carbon Institute

The International Blue Carbon Institute is advancing the science and support systems needed to unlock the full potential of blue carbon to address climate change, protect biodiversity and support threatened coastal communities. Blue carbon ecosystems, such as mangroves, seagrasses, kelp and tidal marshes, are some of the most carbon-rich ecosystems on Earth and an essential part of the solution to climate change.