Senior Staff

Portrait of M. Sanjayan, Ph.D.
© Georgina Goodwin

M. Sanjayan, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer

© Nikki Davis Photography

Sebastian Troëng, Ph.D.
Executive Vice President



Africa Field Division

Michael O’Brien-Onyeka 
Senior Vice President

Julia Levin 
Country Director, Conservation South Africa

Peter Mulbah 
Acting Country Director, Conservation International-Liberia

Sahondra Rajoelina 
Country Director, Conservation International-Madagascar

Ruud Jansen
Executive Secretary, Gaborone Declaration for Sustainability in Africa, Conservation International-Botswana


Americas Field Division

Daniela Raik, Ph.D. 
Senior Vice President

Lisa Famolare 
Vice President, Amazonia

Fabio Arjona 
Vice President, Conservation International-Colombia

Luis Suarez 
Vice President, Conservation International-Ecuador

Luis Espinel 
Vice President, Conservation International-Peru

Mauricio Bianco 
Vice President, Conservation International-Brazil

Eduardo Forno 
Executive Director, Conservation International-Bolivia

Tatiana Ramos 
Executive Director, Conservation International-Mexico

John Goedschalk 
Executive Director, Conservation International-Suriname

Damian Fernandes 
Executive Director, Conservation International-Guyana

Marco Quesada, Ph.D.  
Acting Country Director, Conservation International-Panama

Ana Gloria Guzman Mora
Executive Director, Conservation International-Costa Rica


Asia-Pacific Field Division

Richard Jeo, Ph.D. 
Senior Vice President

Yasushi Hibi 
Vice President, Asia Policy and Managing Director, Conservation International-Japan

Ketut Putra 
Vice President, Conservation International-Indonesia

Xiaohai Liu 
Executive Director, Conservation International-China

Enrique Nuñez 
Executive Director, Conservation International-Philippines

Susana Wagainabete-Tuisese 
Country Director, Conservation International-Fiji

François Tron 
Country Director, Conservation International-New Caledonia

Manuel Mendes 
Country Director, Conservation International-Timor-Leste

Srabani Roy 
Regional Director, Greater Mekong

Robert Baigrie
Senior Director, Developed Markets

Brand + Communications

Anastasia Khoo 
Chief Marketing Officer

Jenny Parker McCloskey 
Vice President, Media Relations


The Betty and Gordon Moore Center for Science

Johan Rockström, Ph.D.
Chief Scientist

Michael B. Mascia, Ph.D. 
Senior Vice President


Center for Communities and Conservation

Kristen Walker Painemilla 
Senior Vice President and Managing Director


Center for Environmental Leadership in Business (CELB)

Hank Cauley 
Senior Vice President


Center for Oceans

Aulani Wilhelm 
Senior Vice President


Conservation Finance Division

Agustin Silvani 
Senior Vice President


Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF)

Olivier Langrand 
Senior Vice President



Kristine Zeigler 
Chief Development Officer

Cynthia McKee 
Senior Vice President


Europe and Global Public Partnerships

Herbert Lust 
Vice President

David Emmett
Vice President, European Private Partnerships



Barbara DiPietro 
Chief Financial Officer


General Counsel's Office

Rick Nash 
General Counsel


Global Environment Facility Project Agency and Green Climate Fund Implementing Agency

Miguel Morales, Ph.D. 
Vice President


Global Policy and Government Relations

James Roth 
Senior Vice President


Global Strategy Group

Will Turner, Ph.D. 
Senior Vice President


Human Resources

Kim Keating 
Chief People Officer