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China ban on ivory trade only first step to saving elephants, expert says

By Molly Bergen

January 4, 2017
The world’s largest ivory market will soon be shut down. Here’s what needs to happen next.
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The trees that could make or break Mexico City’s future

By Molly Bergen

December 15, 2016
CI’s Jürgen Hoth talks air pollution, the illegal drug trade and why planting trees isn’t always the answer.
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5 surprising places that are improving ocean health

By Sophie Bertazzo

December 8, 2016
While global ocean health may be suffering, these examples show that improvements are possible, country by country.
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New Granada cross-banded tree frog, Smilisca phaeota, in the Choco Department of Colombia
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In protecting the diversity of life on Earth, the world is behind schedule

By Rowan Braybrook

December 8, 2016
Unless countries significantly increase their efforts, we will not meet our 2020 goals.
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Why ‘walking’ sharks are at greater risk of extinction than we thought

By Mark Erdmann, Ph.D.

November 30, 2016
Although the habitats of many walking sharks are at least partially protected, new research reveals their survival may be in doubt.
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