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© Kyle Obermann
© Conservation International/Erickson Tabayag

In an undisturbed cave, expedition finds ‘microbats’ once thought lost

By Will McCarry

October 30, 2023
Pacific sheath-tailed bats are vanishing across Oceania. But recently, an expedition on one of Fiji’s least visited islands made a remarkable discovery: A cave containing thousands of Pacific sheath-tailed bats.
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© Jonathan Irish. Rufescent tiger heron in Madidi National Park

How one South American country became a lab for conservation

By Mary Kate McCoy

October 26, 2023
In 1987, Conservation International had a radical idea to reduce Bolivia's debt in exchange for nature conservation. Since then, the country has become a laboratory for the protection of nature, field-testing ideas that would spread around the world.
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U.S., Peru trade debt for nature

By Mary Kate McCoy

September 7, 2023
The government of Peru signed a deal to redirect more than US$ 20 million it owes to the United States into the conservation of some of the most biodiverse areas on Earth.
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More than monuments: Study shows World Heritage sites are biodiversity havens

By Max Marcovitch

August 31, 2023
For more than 50 years, UNESCO has protected cultural and natural wonders as World Heritage sites due to their “outstanding universal value.” Turns out, there's another big reason these marvels are irreplaceable: their biodiversity.
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Yasuní National Park in Ecuador
© Joshua Bousel/Flickr Creative Commons. Yasuní National Park in Ecuador

Ecuadorean voters reject oil drilling in Amazon

By Mary Kate McCoy

August 23, 2023
Following a decade-long fight led by Indigenous activists and environment leaders, Ecuadorians voted decisively to end oil drilling in one of the most biodiverse ecosystems on Earth — a move heralded by supporters as “historic.”
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