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In Samoa and Fiji, Natural Forests Help Limit Cyclone Damage

By David Emmett

March 21, 2013
Compared to mainland forests, Pacific Island forests are more finite, more fragile and vulnerable to damage, and — if lost — irreplaceable.
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For South Africa’s Growing Wind Energy Sector, Guidelines are Essential

By Tessa Mildenhall

February 25, 2013
If developed responsibly, renewable energy has great potential to bring cleaner air and jobs to South Africa.
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Indonesian Communities Build a ‘Green Wall’ to Fight Deforestation

By Anton Ario

January 22, 2013
Over 30 million people living on Java depend on intact forests to protect their water supply.
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To relocate town buried by mudslide, Colombians turn to nature

By Leonardo Sáenz, Ph.D.

November 9, 2012
Using innovative ecosystem mapping tools, CI and partners are helping one town adapt to a changing climate.
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Fighting Drought With Traditional Knowledge in Peru

By Adrienne McKeehan

August 9, 2012
Facing climate change, indigenous communities are reviving farming practices used by their Incan ancestors.
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