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Investing in businesses that contribute to healthy ecosystems


Sustainable economic opportunities are at the core of successful conservation strategies

CI Ventures is an investment program that provides loans to small- and medium-sized enterprises that operate in the forests, oceans and grasslands where Conservation International works​. Whether in sustainable agriculture or forestry, ecotourism or wild fisheries, these businesses share one thing in common: a commitment to practices that benefit ecosystems and human well-being.​


Using an impact-first model to support nature-positive economies

CI Ventures invests in enterprises that are aligned with Conservation International’s mission of working toward a healthy, prosperous world in which societies are forever committed to caring for and valuing nature, for the long-term benefit of people and all life on Earth.

US$ 15M



enterprises in our portfolio

US$ 160M


US$ 24M

Assets Under Management

CI Ventures prioritizes funding enterprises with business models to address specific local and global needs

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Protection of high-conservation value ecosystems and biodiversity
Regenerative systems for food production
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Nature-positive materials and supply chains
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Circular economy and resource efficiency
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Technology and data for science-based project management

Our Impact


full-time jobs


livelihoods improved


of the portfolio has women founders or in C-suite

257,112 ha

protected, conserved or restored


2023 Impact Report

The CI Ventures team is pleased to present its 2023 Impact Report. In these past years, we have achieved notable milestones including investing US$ 15 million in impactful businesses, mobilizing US$ 160 million in follow-on and co-investments, and meeting two of our 10-year goals ahead of schedule.

 As we reflect on the past year’s accomplishments and challenges, one theme stands out: the power of partnerships in amplifying our impact and propelling us toward a future where we can collectively have an even greater influence. We invite you to read the report and be part of our journey

Previous Reports

  • 2022 report — In its first five years, CI Ventures has been able to deliver a successful portfolio of more than US$ 12 million, with companies mobilizing seven times that funding in additional capital. The fund has produced its first impact report, highlighting the progress toward our goals.

Our Portfolio

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The Companies

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African Conservancies Facility

Conservancies represent areas of land collectively owned and managed by Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities (IPs & LCs), often situated adjacent to formal protected areas and national parks. These areas play a crucial role in supporting Africa's iconic wildlife, which spends approximately 80% of its time outside protected zones. Furthermore, conservancies frequently serve as vital links connecting various protected areas, establishing wildlife corridors and dispersal zones. Just as notably, the conservancy model ensures that landowners are fairly compensated for their long-term sustainable stewardship of the land and the valuable ecosystem services it provides.

In 2020, Conservation International launched the African Conservancies Facility (ACF) as a rescue package for the critically important Maasai Mara landscape in Kenya. When the pandemic impacted the tourism industry, the loss of revenues created a devastating threat to biodiversity and people as pristine wilderness was at risk of being sold or farmed. Today, ACF plays a pivotal role in enabling both new and established conservancies to transition from relying on concessional finance to becoming commercially viable entities. ACF uniquely offers loans to conservancies, enabling them to enhance, restore, and expand conservation areas, safeguarding biodiversity while generating income for local communities. Conservancies supported by ACF showcase enhanced operational efficiency and governance, increased financial reserves, improved livelihoods for landowners, and commendable loan repayment records often ahead of schedule, reflecting the program's effectiveness in fostering sustainable conservation and community development.


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