SmartFish Inc.

Tackling poverty and marine over exploitation in Mexico through sustainable seafood commercialization  

Low prices received by fishers in exchange for their catch create a vicious cycle where an increased amount of lower quality produce is extracted to sustain fisher communities, leaving oceans and people vulnerable. In Mexico, about 80% of marine species are over exploited and about 40% of artisanal fishers live below the poverty line. This sustainable commercialization model can tackle both problems simultaneously. 



SmartFish is a commercial intermediary in Mexico that seeks to simplify the supply chain to ensure fishers are paid more while fishing less but better-quality produce. The company works in close collaboration with the SmartFish AC NGO to support artisanal fisheries organizations and cooperatives in their path to more sustainable schemes. Through full transparency and traceability, their customers are ensured their purchase contributes to the sustainability of marine ecosystems and the improved livelihoods of fishers and their families.  



A 5 year, US $400,000 loan will enable SmartFish to open 6 additional stores in Mexico City and Cancun, as well as providing working capital to source their seafood products for local markets and exports. 


By working with certified cooperatives interested in sustainable wild catch and aquaculture practices, SmartFish shortens the supply chain between the fisher and the consumer, providing fishers prices 40% to 100% higher than the regular market. For 2025, they expect to work with more than 16 cooperatives to co-develop and implement sustainable practices to avoid overfishing and bycatch – positively impacting the livelihoods of 7,150 fishers and 28,000 family members.