Victory Farms

Low-carbon, sustainable protein for East Africa  


As East Africa’s population grows, so does the need for sustainable and efficient protein production that both helps to address food insecurity and alleviates pressure on important natural areas.


© Courtesy of Victory Farms


Victory Farms is a sustainable aquaculture business that produces tilapia on Lake Victoria and sells primarily in low-income neighborhoods across Kenya. Their mission is to build a commercial tilapia farm that can feed 2 billion Africans with affordable, accessible and healthy protein over the next two decades, while also taking extensive measures to protect and restore the environment in which the farm operates. 


The US$ 500,000 loan from Conservation International Ventures will enable Victory Farms to scale up its platform for sustainable, affordable protein production and expand farm operations—ultimately helping the company reach its goal of producing 20 million meals across Kenya in 2020. 


Industrial-scale aquaculture has significant potential for positive environmental and social impact as it can be a low-cost, low-carbon means of protein production. However, aquaculture can also potentially harm the environment, especially when necessary industry regulations are not in place. As a recognized industry leader, Victory Farms engages with regulators to develop spatial management and other regulations for aquaculture in East Africa. Together, Conservation International and Victory Farms can work to ensure that adequate regulation and monitoring is introduced to this potentially transformative industry at an early-enough stage to prevent degradation of Lake Victoria’s ecosystems.