FlyWire Cameras

Accelerating sustainable fishing with fisher-first electronic monitoring at scale  

Over 3 billion people rely on seafood — the most traded food product globally — for their primary source of protein. Helping fishers better balance government regulations with the needs of their businesses and communities is key to ensuring fisheries are managed in ways that reduce adverse impacts on target stocks and ecosystems, while meeting market requirements for sustainably harvested seafood.



Based in Lexington, Kentucky, FlyWire Cameras drives enhanced seafood supply chain transparency and traceability through the delivery of at-sea electronic monitoring solutions for the commercial fishing sector. FlyWire’s secure, turn-key precision fishing platform provides vessel owners and operators with the catch data and operating insights needed to optimize fishing effort, boost profits, and support healthy, resilient fish stocks. FlyWire systems are adaptable to a range of vessel, gear and fishery types and operating scales. 


A financing round led by CI Ventures totaling $US 1 million will enable FlyWire to invest in team development, research and development, and technology commercialization. 


FlyWire’s technology solutions contribute to the protection of marine ecosystems and biodiversity by reducing the adverse impacts of wild capture fishing activities, promoting sustainable and regenerative seafood systems while boosting fishing industry livelihoods.