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News, views and features from the front lines of conservation

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In Samoa and Fiji, Natural Forests Help Limit Cyclone Damage

By David Emmett

March 21, 2013
Compared to mainland forests, Pacific Island forests are more finite, more fragile and vulnerable to damage, and — if lost — irreplaceable.
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Wildlife Trade Reveals 5 Things Sharks and Elephants Have in Common

By Scott Henderson

March 19, 2013
High demand is fueling the ivory and shark fin trades despite their catastrophic effect on wild animal populations.
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Humane Predator Control Methods Double Income for South African Farmers

By Malinda Gardiner

March 14, 2013
Charles Schreuder hated killing predators to protect his livestock. Now he doesn’t need to.
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With Help of Facebook, Costa Rica Bans Hunting of Wildlife

By Carlos Manuel Rodriguez

March 8, 2013
Social media may have helped inspire 177,000 Costa Ricans to support a bill rejecting sports hunting.
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For South Africa’s Growing Wind Energy Sector, Guidelines are Essential

By Tessa Mildenhall

February 25, 2013
If developed responsibly, renewable energy has great potential to bring cleaner air and jobs to South Africa.
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