Senior Staff

M Sanjayan, CEO of Conservation International
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M. Sanjayan, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer


Africa Field Division

Suzanne Ngo-Eyok
Senior Vice President, Africa

Julia Levin
Vice President, Conservation International-South Africa

Peter Mulbah
Country Director, Conservation International-Liberia

Ruud Jansen
Country Director, Conservation International-Botswana

Bruno Rajaspera
Country Director, Conservation International-Madagascar


Americas Field Division

Rachel Biderman
Senior Vice President, Americas

Lisa Famolare 
Vice President, Nature for Climate

Marco Quesada
Vice President, Oceans, Americas Field Division

Fabio Arjona 
Vice President, Conservation International-Colombia

Luis Suarez 
Vice President, Conservation International-Ecuador

Luis Espinel 
Vice President, Conservation International-Peru

Mauricio Bianco 
Vice President, Conservation International-Brazil

Eduardo Forno 
Executive Director, Conservation International-Bolivia

Curtis Bernard 
Executive Director, Conservation International-Guyana

Ana Gloria Guzman Mora
Executive Director, Conservation International-Costa Rica

Leticia Gutierrez
Vice President, Conservation International-Mexico

Gina Griffith
Executive Director, Conservation International-Suriname


Asia-Pacific Field Division

Richard Jeo, Ph.D. 
Senior Vice President

Meizani Irmadhiany
Senior Vice President & Executive Chair of Konservasi Indonesia

Robert Baigrie
Vice President, Climate Finance

Debby Ferdiany
Vice President, Operations, Asia-Pacific Field Division

Jan Yoshioka
Vice President, Sustainable Finance, Asia-Pacific

Ketut Putra
Asia Transboundary Oceans Senior Advisor

Mark Erdmann
Vice President, Marine Asia-Pacific

Susana Waqainabete-Tuisese 
Senior Director, Pacific Region

Amelia Juhl
Country Director, Japan

Xiaohai Liu 
Executive Director, Conservation International-China

Mere Takoko
Vice President, Aotearoa, New Zealand

Virginia Simpson
Senior Country Manager, Australia

Mere Lakeba
Country Director, Fiji

Geraldine Chin
Country Director, Singapore

Wilson John Barbon
Acting Country Director, The Philippines

Manuel Mendes 
Country Director, Timor-Leste

Paul Fizin
Conservation Partnership Director, New Caledonia

Tarita Holm
Conservation Partnership Director, Palau

Sony Oum
Country Director, Cambodia


Brand + Communications

Melanie Janin
Chief Marketing and Communications Officer

Jenny Parker 
Vice President, Communications

Jamie Cross
Vice President, Brand Partnerships

Melina Formisano
Vice President, Marketing

Kelly Thalman
Vice President of Strategic Engagements


The Betty and Gordon Moore Center for Science

Johan Rockström, Ph.D.
Chief Scientist

Stephanie Wear, Ph.D.
Senior Vice President

David Hole
Vice President, Global Solutions


Center for Communities and Conservation

Kristen Walker Painemilla
Senior Vice President and Managing Director

Luis Barquin
Vice President, Communities and Innovation


Center for Natural Climate Solutions

Will Turner, Ph.D.
Senior Vice President

Bronson Griscom
Vice President, Natural Climate Solutions

Emily Nyrop
Vice President, Climate Change

Jen Howard
Vice President, Blue Carbon Program


Center for Oceans

Ashleigh McGovern
Senior Vice President, Center for Oceans

Laure Katz
Vice President, Blue Nature

Jack Kittinger
Vice President, Blue Production

Emily Pidgeon
Vice President, Ocean Science and Innovation


Center for Sustainable Lands + Waters

Bambi Semroc
Senior Vice President

John Buchanan
Vice President, Sustainable Production

Scott Henderson
Vice President, Sustainable Landscapes and Seascapes


CI People Operations

Francesca Cantarella
Acting Chief People Officer

Wanjiru Gathira 
Vice President, Global Equity, Diversity and Inclusion


Conservation Finance Division

Agustin Silvani 
Senior Vice President

Chris Stone 
Vice President, Long-Term Finance

Romas Garbaliauskas
Vice President, Conservation Finance Innovation and Replication

Chris Zink
Vice President, Carbon Finance

Bjorn Stauch
Vice President, Conservation Finance

Judith Reyes
Vice President, CFD Legal


Conservation Partnerships

Sebastian Troëng, Ph.D.
Executive Vice President


Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF)

Olivier Langrand 
Senior Vice President



Cynthia Tapley
Chief Development Officer

Julia Upham
Vice President, Individual Giving

Erin Carmany
Vice President, Development & Campaign Director


Europe and Global Public Partnerships

Herbert Lust 
Senior Vice President


Executive Office

Julius Court 
Chief Operating Officer

Patricia Zurita 
Chief Strategy Officer and Executive Vice-President of Global Programs

Anastasia Khoo 
Chief of Staff & Senior Advisor


Field Programs

Daniela Raik, Ph.D. 
Executive Vice President

Kelvin Alie
Senior Vice President, Strategy, Delivery and Field Partnerships

Kavita Chambery 
Vice President, Project Delivery and Monitoring


Finance, Award Management + Grants and Contracts

Barbara DiPietro 
Chief Financial Officer

Lisa Mangkonkarn
Controller, Vice President

Matthew Wooliever
Vice President, Financial Information Management and Services

Lea Blubaugh
Vice President, External Grants and Contracts Unit


General Counsel's Office

Rick Nash
General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer

Patricia Petty
Vice President and Chief Privacy / Data Ethics Officer

Jennifer Probst
Vice President, Global Operations Strategy and Policies


Global Environment Facility Project Agency and Green Climate Fund Implementing Agency

Orissa Samaroo
Vice President, GEF Policy and Portfolio Management

Free de Koning
Vice President, Project Development and Impact


Steve Panfil
Vice President, CI-GCF Agency


Global Information Technology

Brian Freed
Vice President


Global Policy

Lina Barrera
Senior Vice President, International Policy