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Creating policies that address climate change

Governments need to develop the local, national and international policies and other frameworks necessary for confronting climate change.

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Our role

Conservation International helps to provide governments at all levels with the information they need to make the most responsible climate policy decisions, and to ensure that ecosystems and their services are valued in the climate change policy dialogue.

Conservation International advises governments as they strive to develop low-carbon economies with effective, efficient and equitable REDD+ and adaptation plans. This includes engaging and strengthening indigenous and local community institutions, establishing sound and sustainable benefit-sharing and forest conservation actions, transferring technical skills and knowledge, and enhancing national accounting frameworks and governance structures.

Our plan

Conservation International is working with partners to provide key decision-makers with scientific information and on-the-ground expertise and to recommend sustainable actions, from the local to the international level.


Indigenous peoples and local communities have been adapting to environmental changes for a long time. Their knowledge and traditional practices will be critical as we implement climate change solutions, and in maintaining ecosystem services in the face of a changing climate. Conservation International works to support inclusion of these elements in the national and international climate change policy dialogue and planning processes.


Using targeted programs that include technical guidance, training workshops and community engagement, Conservation International and our partners build knowledge and capacity in-country while using site-based demonstration activities to inform and guide long-term national policies and development discussions.


On a global scale, Conservation International engages with international bodies working to make joint decisions and take action to fight climate change. Our climate policy team leverages field experience and scientific expertise to provide policy and technical advice to governments and delegations during and in preparation for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change processes.

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By the numbers

16+ countries

Conservation International conducts policy outreach with developed nations — including the United States, Norway, Denmark, Singapore, Germany, France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, U.K., Netherlands, other EU members, Russia, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Switzerland — on their international policies regarding REDD+ and adaptation.

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