Women on a Mission

A series of short films highlighting incredible leaders making a difference in their communities


Conservation International is highlighting incredible leaders making a difference in their communities. Josphine Ekiru grew up in the Turkana pastoralist community of Northern Kenya. From an early age, Ekiru felt a sense responsibility to her community, to its biodiversity and to future generations. Through her incredible work, she’s now fulfilling her desire to make a difference. Ekiru has taken on a leading role as peace coordinator at the Northern Rangelands Trust, where she works with peace ambassadors. And she’s training 25 more women to follow in her footsteps. Go behind the scenes of #WomenOnAMission and learn more about Josphine Ekiru’s role as peace coordinator with the Northern Rangelands Trust.



Since 1995, Sony and Conservation International have worked together to capture stories of humanity’s relationship with nature. With our Storytelling Alliance, we are inspiring global awareness and action for conservation through the power of imagery. By combining powerful storytelling techniques and cutting-edge Sony technology, Conservation International and Sony continue to innovate and tell compelling stories that promote environmental conservation and human well-being.




Behind the scenes