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    A co-production of
    Made possible by
    With distribution support from

    A bold plan to protect Amazonia

    Amazonia — the forests and wetlands of the Amazon River basin and Guiana Shield in South America — is invaluable to human well-being: We need it to breathe, store carbon and provide critical medicines.

    Building on nearly 30 years of working in the Amazon, Conservation International and its partners are pursuing the ambitious goal to achieve zero net deforestation in Amazonia by 2020 to protect essential resources, mitigate climate change and increase prosperity for all people.


    of the world’s known species are found in the Amazon.



    of the world’s fresh water flows through the Amazon River.


    1 in 5

    breaths you take (20% of the Earth’s breathable oxygen) is thanks to the Amazon rainforest.


    How many acres will you protect?

    With just $25, you can help protect an acre of forest.


    Partnering with indigenous peoples

    © Cristina Mittermeier

    A critical part of our strategy to achieve zero net deforestation in Amazonia by 2020 includes supporting conservation by indigenous peoples. Partnering with these local stewards of the forest helps build a stronger foundation for long-term sustainable development that improves community well-being; secures forest resources; and protects against the worst impacts of climate change.

    At least 20% of Amazonia is under the control of indigenous peoples. Share

    Where we work

    Go behind the scenes

    Go behind the scenes to see how Conservation International used virtual reality to transport you to Earth’s most biodiverse ecosystem.

    Not as easy as you might think

    How we filmed over the canopy

    The first ever VR shots descending – and ascending – a tree