Conservation in virtual reality

Conservation International uses VR to immerse viewers in vital conservation efforts around the world


How to View VR

There are several opti​ons for viewing virtual reality including an immersive VR headset or in 360 on your mobile phone, desktop or laptop.


Woman wearing a VR headset promoting Valen's Reef
© CI/photo by Elise Harrigan


Download the YouTube app and search for the film. While the film is playing, be sure to move your device in all directions to get the full 360 experience. Use headphones for a better surround sound experience.


To view a 360 version of the VR film on your desktop or laptop, simply click the film’s play button using one of the newest versions of a compatible browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Microsoft Edge.

VR headset

For the best experience, immerse yourself in a film using a VR headset. To view, simply search for our films in your preferred video app (like YouTube or Meta), and follow the instructions to play the film. Don’t have a headset? Ask around at work or school, or visit your local library.