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EditImage Description:A woman washes dishes at a clinic in Lira, Uganda on March 16, 2006.
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Fresh water sustains ecosystems — and human life. That means we must take care of the lakes, rivers and wetlands that provide it for us.

The U.N. estimates that half of the people on Earth will likely face water stress by 2030. Competition for water for drinking, food production and maintaining healthy ecosystems that protect against floods or help regulate a stable climate all place growing demands on freshwater resources. And because water flows through — and links together — many different habitats, upstream activities directly impact downstream water users. To ensure water security into the future, we must better understand, manage and value our freshwater ecosystems.

Our role

Conservation International (CI) is a founding partner of the Freshwater Health Index, a tool that measures the overall condition of freshwater ecosystems and their capacity to support healthy and economically-sustainable populations. The Index is designed to provide guidance to decisionmakers that will lead to better management — and will help meet the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.


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EditItem Title:Assess freshwater ecosystem health
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EditItem Text:The Freshwater Health Index assesses the status and trends of benefits that people receive from freshwater ecosystems, including clean water, fish and recreational uses. It provides links between governance, stakeholders, their impacts on ecosystems and the consequences for ecosystem services.
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EditItem Text:The Index can help users identify vulnerabilities or opportunities within a basin as well as potential impacts from climate change, land use change and infrastructure development. By exploring tradeoffs, decisionmakers can make better choices that balance the sustainability of water resources with social equity.
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EditItem Text:A data-rich, user-friendly website will provide a range of stakeholders — from water managers and planners to communities, businesses, civil society organizations and policymakers — with the information they need to make better-informed decisions and help reverse the trends of freshwater ecosystem degradation and loss.
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EditQuote Text (Do not add quotation marks):It is unclear how far past any planetary boundary we have pushed our water-based support services …. but to make the definitive judgment will require good information and good people.
EditQuote Attribution:Charles J Vörösmarty et al., “Global water, the anthropocene and the transformation of a science” (2013)
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CI’s solutions

The Freshwater Health Index is being tested initially in two test-beds in the heavily populated Asia-Pacific region, where decisionmakers are confronting pressures from rapid urbanization, declines in water quality and quantity, and climate change impacts such as increased exposure to floods and droughts.

  • The Lower Mekong Basin in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam directly supports the livelihoods of more than 60 million people. Here we are testing the Freshwater Health Index in the Sesan, Sreypok, Sekong River basin and the basin of Cambodia’s Tonle Sap Great Lake; and
  • The Dongjiang River in the Pearl River system is the water source for almost 40 million people in southern China and provides 80% of Hong Kong’s fresh water.

Following application in the first two test beds, the Freshwater Health Index will be applied to a representative set of basins globally.



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EditImage Alt Text:Akal village, in the middle of Tonle Sap. Site of the CI-sponsored Fish Sanctuary and Biodiversity Protection Project (FSBPP)
EditCaption Title:As dams rise along the Mekong, can leaders balance nature and development?
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EditImage URL:/SiteCollectionImages/ci_56849551.jpg
EditImage Alt Text:Macushi girl playing in water in Guyana
EditCaption Title:3 Steps to Save the World’s Water Supply
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EditImage URL:/SiteCollectionImages/ci_14759740.jpg
EditImage Alt Text:Baked Earth at the Okavango Delta, Moremi National Park in Botswana
EditCaption Title:To Fight Another Dust Bowl, Improved Freshwater Management Crucial
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EditRead More Text:Read More
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