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EditPhoto URL:/SiteCollectionImages/ci_32968912.jpg
EditPhoto Description:Conservation International and Apple reveal plans to conserve a vital swath of mangrove forests along Colombia's Sinú River — a project that will sequester CO2 and benefit thousands.
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EditButton Link:/stories/Pages/A-Critical-Investment-In-Blue-Carbon.aspx
EditPhoto Alt Text:Cispata Mangroves project, Colombia.
EditPhoto Credit:© Conservation International


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EditPhoto URL:/SiteCollectionImages/ci_55887580.jpg
EditPhoto Title:'DULCE'
EditPhoto Description:In the latest short from Conservation International, a mother struggles to keep her family afloat in the face of climate change.
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EditButton Link:/stories/Pages/dulce.aspx
EditPhoto Alt Text:Dulce receives a swimming lesson from her mother.
EditPhoto Credit:© Angello Faccini/Jungles in Paris


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EditPhoto URL:/SiteCollectionImages/waterfall-iceland.jpg
EditPhoto Description:Keeping global temperature rise below 1.5° Celsius is critical to avoiding climate catastrophe, a Conservation International scientist writes. His prescription: nature.
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EditButton Link:https://blog.conservation.org/2018/08/in-global-climate-change-fight-half-a-degree-could-make-all-the-difference/
EditPhoto Alt Text:Goðafoss Waterfall, Iceland
EditPhoto Credit:© Trevor Cole


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EditPhoto URL:/SiteCollectionImages/ci_55581840.jpg
EditPhoto Title:THANK A RANGER
EditPhoto Description:They are on the ground saving wildlife, every day.
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EditButton Link:https://secure2.convio.net/cintl/site/SSurvey?ACTION_REQUIRED=URI_ACTION_USER_REQUESTS&SURVEY_ID=6400
EditPhoto Alt Text:The MWCT (Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust) community rangers rapid response unit runs a drill on the CCRCÕs (Chyulu Conservation and Research Center) Kuku Group Ranch grounds on January 25, 2017.
EditPhoto Credit:© Charlie Shoemaker
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People need nature — and for over 30 years, Conservation International has worked to protect it. Through cutting-edge science, innovative pol​​icy and global reach, we empower people to protect the nature that we rely on for food, fresh water and livelihoods.

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