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Improving the identification and management of environmental risks and opportunities, and elevating the role of biodiversity and ecosystem services within the energy industry.

After collaborating for more than a decade, in 2014, Conservation International and Chevron launched a strategic engagement to advance the science, tools and practices used to identify and manage the ecological and related social risks in the development and production of energy resources.

Building on the expertise and resources of both organizations, the engagement continues to generate significant benefits for people and for nature in many parts of the world. Our field projects in Liberia, Indonesia and China, for instance, helped to protect critical ecosystems, improve human well-being and support better livelihoods for local communities. The engagement has also produced tools that are helping companies within and beyond the energy industry identify and manage environmental risks and opportunities.

To learn more about the Conservation International-Chevron strategic engagement, please see our Impact Report.

Our role

Conservation International serves as a technical advisor on several of Chevron’s corporate environmental stewardship initiatives, delivering on-the-ground social and environmental projects in multiple countries where Chevron and Conservation International operate.

Our work

Inform practices

Conservation International provided Chevron with technical guidance, benchmarking and insight to support decision-making, performance and stewardship. This included strengthening the company’s disclosure, reporting, environmental risk management and social performance processes and practices.

Develop assessment tools

Building on Chevron’s role as a founding corporate sponsor of the Integrated Biodiversity Assessment Tool (IBAT), Chevron and Conservation International collaborated to develop freshwater functionality in the IBAT. This functionality improves the ability for IBAT users to screen for existing threats to freshwater biodiversity and aquatic ecosystems, providing information that can be used in making environmental management decisions.

Implement field projects

Chevron supported four on-the-ground conservation projects — in Indonesia, China and Liberia — that delivered significant benefits for people and nature where the project occurred. These projects used an integrated approach that addressed environmental and social issues, with local communities engaged to ensure the delivery of lasting benefits, such as improved watershed services.

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By the numbers

9,800 seedlings planted along 16 hectares, benefiting 8,086 people

From 2016 to 2018, Chevron supported Conservation International in working with the local government, university and other stakeholders to develop a plan to improve water quality, flood control management and community health and livelihoods in Kai County, China. The project included restoration of the buffer area of the Liyutang Reservoir, construction of artificial wetlands for treating wastewater and aquaponics ponds for raising fish and growing vegetables, and engagement with community members in environmental education.


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