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Right now, the future of coffee is uncertain. Rising temperatures, drought and changing weather patterns caused by climate change are making many key coffee-growing areas less suitable for coffee production. The only way we can ensure its future is by growing the world’s coffee in a sustainable way — protecting our forests and our farmers. The Sustainable Coffee Challenge convenes, unites and urges the coffee sector and conservation partners across the industry to spur the actions and investments necessary to make coffee the first sustainable agriculture product in the world. The Challenge is committed to stimulating demand for sustainable coffee across the value chain, from the policymaking level to the final consumer. By encouraging demand for sustainable coffee, it leads to investments that enable the transition to a sustainable production and ensuring the coffee we drink is a sustainable product. #SustainCoffee http://www.conservation.org/stories/sustainable-coffee-challenge/Pages/overview.aspx

How important is coffee to you?

The future of your morning cup is at risk. Will you stand up to support sustainable coffee?

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How can we make coffee sustainable?

Learn more about our bold plan make coffee the world’s first fully sustainable agricultural product. See who’s already joined the challenge — from producers to retailers — on the Sustainable Coffee Challenge website.