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© Conservation International photo by Mark V. Erdmann

Global risks, insect extinctions, baby shark trouble: 3 stories you may have missed

By Kiley Price

January 19, 2021
In case you missed it: A new report found that climate change and pandemics pose extreme threats to the global economy, experts project a bleak future for insects and warming ocean temperatures could cause baby sharks to emerge from their eggs earlier.
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2020 in review: For world’s oceans, a year of distress, discovery

By Kiley Price

December 23, 2020
This month, Conservation News is revisiting some of the most interesting and significant stories and issues we covered in 2020.
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Discovery afoot: New study cracks mystery of how ‘walking’ sharks split

By Kiley Price

January 22, 2020
Conservation News spoke with one of the authors of a new study on walking sharks to find out how he and his team uncovered the evolutionary origin of these peculiar creatures — and how this information could help us adapt to climate change.
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