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Want to change the world? Give women land rights

By Kame Westerman

October 14, 2016
More women than ever are growing the world’s food — yet men continue to make most land-use decisions.
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Eating wild animals: Commonplace, cultural, complicated

By Kim Reuter

July 28, 2016
Global bushmeat consumption is currently unsustainable — but complex realities make curbing it difficult.
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To help African farmers, making big data fit in their pockets

By Molly Bergen

February 16, 2016
Increased access to technology is poised to revolutionize the livelihoods of smallholder farmers in Africa. One of CI’s top scientists explains.
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Taking Nature's Pulse in Tanzania's Breadbasket

By Sara Barbour

September 17, 2013
As Vital Signs expands, we are gathering exciting data about the connections between agriculture, ecosystems and people.
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In Tanzania, Nature Provides Unseen Value for Farmers

By Sara Barbour

April 16, 2013
Food security initiatives in Africa often don’t account for the value of ecosystems for agricultural productivity.
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