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Amid widespread coral bleaching, this reef is thriving

By Mark Erdmann, Ph.D.

June 21, 2016
Already adapted to major temperature fluctuations, some Indonesian reefs may be better prepared for climate change than others.
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Lights, camera, coral: Under the sea, behind the scenes with a VR film crew

By Molly Bergen

June 20, 2016
Learn the story behind the filming of “Valen’s Reef,” Conservation International’s first virtual reality film.
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New virtual reality film dives into Indonesia’s ‘species factory’

By Molly Bergen

June 8, 2016
See eastern Indonesia’s famed coral reefs up close — without leaving your living room.
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CI/photo by Bailey Evans

3 ways protecting nature can help resolve conflict

By Sarah Hauck

May 31, 2016
As tension over natural resources escalates, new evidence shows that protecting nature can help promote peace.
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Amid lifelong search for lions, 20 cherished minutes

By John Martin

May 20, 2016
After years of visiting some of nature’s most stunning places, a filmmaker finally comes face to face with his favorite animal.
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