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5 questions you’ve wanted to ask about the Paris Agreement

By Shyla Raghav

June 2, 2017
With the Paris Agreement back in the news, Human Nature offers five things to know about the historic international accord.
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Climate’s new leaders: 6 reasons for hope

By Shyla Raghav

June 1, 2017
With President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, a new group of leaders is leading the world forward on climate action.
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Nature’s new ambassador: A conversation with Christiana Figueres

By Jamey Anderson

March 6, 2017
After leading the world in the creation of a landmark climate change agreement, Christiana Figueres is taking on a new role.
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In Morocco, world’s nations reaffirm commitment to climate change action

By Shyla Raghav

November 21, 2016
The world’s nations have come together to begin the urgent task of making last year’s Paris climate agreement a reality.
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Why the Marrakech climate talks matter

By Sophie Bertazzo

November 4, 2016
CI’s director of climate policy explains the role of COP22 in a year of major climate advancements.
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