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News, views and features from the front lines of conservation

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In camera-trap snaps, scientists tackle big data challenge

By Molly Bergen

January 21, 2016
CI’s Jorge Ahumada gives a behind-the-scenes look at how technology is revolutionizing conservation biology.
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Protected areas DO save wildlife: Just ask these 5 species

By Molly Bergen

January 19, 2016
New data collected by more than 1,000 camera traps reveals good news for many tropical species.
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In Costa Rica, a changing climate offers a teachable moment — for teachers

By Cassandra Kane

October 8, 2015
Amid erratic weather in Costa Rica, U.S. teachers learn a thing or two about climate science.
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Camera-trap Photo Contest: And the Winners Are…

By Molly Bergen

April 29, 2015
These remarkable images are teaching us lots about the health and value of tropical forests worldwide.
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‘Million Dollar Hashtag’ Milestone Will Help CI and HP Listen to Tropical Forests

By Molly Bergen

April 27, 2015
An HP exec explains how the company’s technology is enabling CI to listen — both to tropical forests and the social media conversation.
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