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Field notes from “Cambodia’s beating heart”

By Sokrith Heng

May 9, 2018
Cambodia is trying to stop the loss of its lifeblood: the fish that thrive in these waters.
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My ‘aha!’ moment: A trip to an empty nature reserve

By Sophie Bertazzo, David Emmett

March 27, 2017
For David Emmett, teaching biology in Malawi delivered a reality check on the intersection between conservation, poverty, food insecurity and education that shaped his career.
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In Cambodian floating villages, a bold voice helps women boost income

By Layhim Vann

March 7, 2016
Business training is helping the women of Tonle Sap Lake become confident entrepreneurs — and reduce their dependence on a stressed fishery.
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Cambodia’s ‘Giving Tree’ Makes Life Possible in Floating Villages

By Sokrith Heng

September 17, 2014
One species fishing villages depend on the most is not a fish, but a tree.
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Protecting One of World's Largest Freshwater Fisheries, One Village at a Time

By Molly Bergen

November 20, 2013
Three million people depend on fish from Cambodia’s highly threatened Tonle Sap Lake.
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