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Field notes from “Cambodia’s beating heart”

By Sokrith Heng

May 9, 2018
Cambodia is trying to stop the loss of its lifeblood: the fish that thrive in these waters.
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Cambodia’s ‘Giving Tree’ Makes Life Possible in Floating Villages

By Sokrith Heng

September 17, 2014
One species fishing villages depend on the most is not a fish, but a tree.
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Protecting One of World's Largest Freshwater Fisheries, One Village at a Time

By Molly Bergen

November 20, 2013
Three million people depend on fish from Cambodia’s highly threatened Tonle Sap Lake.
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Tonle Sap Visit Finds Little Evidence of Once-Abundant Species

By Dr. Les Kaufman

May 10, 2013
CI’s Les Kaufman shares his latest thoughts from Cambodia.
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How Can Cambodia Sustain Its Freshwater ‘Fish Factory’?

By Dr. Les Kaufman

May 7, 2013
Tonle Sap has been called the beating heart of Cambodia. We want to see it keep beating.
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