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In reviving their traditions, Peruvian women find their voice

By Milagros Sandoval

September 18, 2015
Why is it important to think about gender when doing conservation work? In Peru, it means women can grow their knowledge of traditional plants and recover almost-lost ancestral traditions.
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3 ways Brazil’s environmental decisions affect the world

By Molly Bergen

August 13, 2015
Brazil is at a crossroads, and the path its leaders choose will be felt beyond the country’s borders.
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Building Roads, Protecting Forests: Community Resilience in the Bolivian Amazon

By Andy Wilson

May 7, 2015
Conservation agreements are helping people brace themselves against threats to their forest homes.
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The Galápagos Islands’ Least Famous Residents: Its People

By Molly Bergen

January 27, 2015
Human inhabitants of the Galápagos are important characters in its history, for better and worse.
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