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Halt in construction of Brazilian dam sign of progress on indigenous rights

By Molly Bergen

April 28, 2016
This news could signal a shift for historically marginalized communities.
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In photos: Documenting Suriname’s unexplored wilderness

By Molly Bergen

March 23, 2016
Photographer Randy Olson joins a species discovery expedition in one of the world’s most remote forests.
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Tourism, traditions combine in fight to save a threatened forest

By Paulina Jenney

February 25, 2016
As their flooded forest disintegrated around them, the Peruvian village of Tingana decided to act.
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For forests to combat climate change, 3 things we must do

By Russell A. Mittermeier, Ph.D.

January 25, 2016
It’s not as simple as planting a bunch of trees.
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Illegal logger turned forest champion — with help from hummingbirds

By Cassandra Kane

January 5, 2016
For Norbil Becerra, destroying forests was a necessary evil — until the day he saw a hummingbird.
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