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In a country where coffee is king, sustainability is brewing

By Raina Lang

May 23, 2017
CI experts traveled to Nicaragua to learn how McDonald’s coffee roasters are helping local coffee farmers and their communities.
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Cloud-piercing satellites unleash torrent of new data, new insights into planet Earth

By Cassandra Kane

March 21, 2016
Radar-based technology could expand what we know about how people are using land from Sumatra to Peru.
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Indonesian coffee farmers grapple with climate of uncertainty

By Fitri Hasibuan

February 5, 2016
Shifting weather patterns may make coffee harder to grow in North Sumatra — but it’s still better than the alternative.
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Illegal logger turned forest champion — with help from hummingbirds

By Cassandra Kane

January 5, 2016
For Norbil Becerra, destroying forests was a necessary evil — until the day he saw a hummingbird.
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Your morning cup: now with more trees

By Bambi Semroc

September 29, 2015
Climate variability in many coffee-producing countries is threatening crops and worsening deforestation.
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