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In Brazil, Working to Safeguard 1/8 of the World’s Fresh Water

By Lucio Bede

June 19, 2012
Brazil’s rivers link distant geographies, meaning activities in one region can have big impacts downstream.
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Incorporating Nature into Decision-Making in Madagascar

By Rosimeiry Portela, Ph.D.

June 18, 2012
CI and partners are conducting important research on the value of ecosystems for economic activities.
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Blending Ecology + Economy in the Western Ghats

By Pratim Roy

June 15, 2012
Communities in western India don’t need to learn about sustainability — they are already living it.
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Neil Palmer/CIAT for Center for International Forestry Research/Flickr Creative Commons

Planting Trees + Creating Jobs in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest

By Dr. Beto Mesquita

June 14, 2012
Seven out of 10 of Brazil’s biggest cities depend on this forest for water and electricity.
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Language Diversity is Highest in Biodiversity Hotspots

By Dr. Russell A. Mittermeier

May 10, 2012
The world’s most species-rich places are also home to 70 percent of languages.
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