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Faith and conservation, climate insurance, Alaskan ecosystems: 3 stories you may have missed

By Kiley Price

March 2, 2020
In case you missed it: Islamic boarding schools are incorporating nature conservation into curriculums, insurance companies are raising prices for flood insurance as climate breakdown accelerates and rising temperatures are wreaking havoc on Alaskan ecosystems.
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Climate Week: Youth, morality and the fate of the Amazon

By Bruno Vander Velde

September 24, 2019
Monday's Climate Week roundup: France commits US$ 100 million to a fund to protect the Amazon, religious leaders discuss the ethics of conservation and scientists declare a "planetary emergency."
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Pope Francis reminds us: Protect our home

By Peter Seligmann

June 17, 2015
Could the Pope’s new environmental encyclical mark a turning point in how we care for the Earth?
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