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Climate change spells trouble for orangutans

By Leah Duran

August 18, 2017
Editor’s note: August 19 is World Orangutan Day. The world’s orangutan population is dwindling.
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Russ Mittermeier awarded Harvard Graduate School's highest honor

By Sophie Bertazzo

June 2, 2017
Russell Mittermeier, Conservation International’s executive vice chair, has been honored as one of Harvard University’s Centennial Medalists for 2017.
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‘Aha’ moment: A missing link in an island forest

By Molly Bergen

February 15, 2017
How two weeks in a Nicaraguan forest caused one would-be primatologist to rethink her career path.
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© Conservation International/photo by Russell A. Mittermeier

Primates face greater extinction threat than any other large mammal group

By Molly Bergen

February 3, 2017
Tropical forest destruction threatens 63 percent of the world’s primate species with extinction. But experts say there’s hope of reversing this trend.
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Wild ring-tailed lemur population has plummeted 95% since 2000

By Kim Reuter

January 13, 2017
There are now more ring-tailed lemurs in zoos around the world than remain in the wild in Madagascar.
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