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5 things to know about Trump’s review of national monuments and parks

By Jamey Anderson

August 23, 2017
The Trump Administration is reviewing national monuments and parks across the United States. Here’s what you need to know.
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On the trail of the South Pacific’s great humpbacks

By Olive Andrews

November 12, 2015
A team of whale researchers makes some exciting discoveries in a place never before surveyed for marine mammals.
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This Job Training Is Better than Yours: Learning Dive Safety in New Caledonia

By Mael Imirizaldu

March 25, 2015
By certifying more divers on this Pacific island, we’re helping local people build skills that could benefit both them and the ocean.
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New Caledonia Establishes World’s Largest Marine Park

By Molly Bergen

May 1, 2014
Conservation International New Caledonia’s director explains why this is a milestone for ocean conservation.
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Ocean Health Is Human Health

By Peter Seligmann

April 24, 2014
Many attendees of the Global Oceans Action Summit are taking key steps to protect the largest place on Earth.
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