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2022 in review: Nature gets a needed boost from historic deal

By Max Marcovitch

December 22, 2022
As 2022 draws to a close, Conservation News is revisiting some of our most significant stories of the year. At a time when nature is under siege — demanding more ambitious action — Conservation International’s scientists and experts helped accelerate conservation efforts around the globe.
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New Science: Conserving a relatively small proportion of land, can yield big benefits for people

By Mary Kate McCoy

December 15, 2022
Protecting nature starts with science. Here’s a roundup of recent scientific research published by Conservation International experts.
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Protecting Africa’s oceans to secure our futures

By Jessica Donovan-Allen

March 20, 2019
Jessica Donovan-Allen, senior director of Conservation International Liberia, discusses why ocean conservation is vital in western Africa.
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My ‘aha!’ moment: In Madagascar, a fisheries discussion without the fishers

By Kame Westerman

March 7, 2017
How working with octopus fishers in Madagascar led Kame Westerman to make a surprising discovery about women and conservation.
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