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Guyana aims to shift economy from gold to green

By Molly Bergen

January 27, 2017
A new initiative aims to improve mining practices and ease the country’s transition to a greener economy.
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What we’re reading: Night fish, pollution-fighting rice

By Ben Koses

August 8, 2016
News you might have missed from the world of conservation.
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Building guesthouses — not mines — on South Africa’s Wild Coast

By Tessa Mildenhall

June 23, 2016
In a time when it’s more dangerous than ever to be an environmental activist, three brave women continue fighting to protect the land they love.
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CI/photo by Bailey Evans

3 ways protecting nature can help resolve conflict

By Sarah Hauck

May 31, 2016
As tension over natural resources escalates, new evidence shows that protecting nature can help promote peace.
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Opportunity, calamity in the balance amid plans to mine the deep sea

By Molly Bergen

July 9, 2015
How seabed mining can be environmentally responsible: a CI expert explains.
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