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To protect its precious water, Bogotá looks to the Big Apple

By Maria Doerr

January 30, 2018
A recent workshop in Bogotá highlighted the challenges to protecting water by protecting nature in Latin American cities.
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European Union 2014 – European Parliament)

Pope Francis reminds us: Protect our home

By Peter Seligmann

June 17, 2015
Could the Pope’s new environmental encyclical mark a turning point in how we care for the Earth?
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Connections and contradictions grow in Mexico’s ‘Water Forest’

By Molly Bergen

June 12, 2015
Mexico City needs this forest — but do we know how to save it?
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Urban Jungle: No Forest, No Water for Mexico City

By Jurgen Hoth

March 21, 2014
Mexico’s “Water Forest” provides water for 23 million people in one of the world’s largest metropolitan areas.
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