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CI/photo by Tory Read

Conservationist to corporate leaders: ‘Just doing the right thing is not enough’

By Jamey Anderson

May 24, 2018
Major companies have committed to ending deforestation, but global progress has been slow.
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Social media turns tide of ocean protection in Brazil

By Morgan Lynch

April 17, 2018
Brazil recently announced the creation of two marine protected areas totaling 900,000 square kilometers.
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Vegetables in Bhutan
Art Wolfe/

Your food has a climate footprint. Here’s what you can do

By Bruno Vander Velde

December 12, 2017
In the latest video in the VOX Climate Lab series, CI CEO M. Sanjayan discusses how our diets affect climate change.
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White House to shrink Utah monuments

By Morgan Lynch

November 29, 2017
President Trump will announce plans to downsize two national monuments in Utah by potentially hundreds of thousands of acres.
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The price of a dead elephant

By Sophie Bertazzo

November 21, 2017
In this new piece for Medium, Conservation International CEO M. Sanjayan explains why elephants are worth more alive.
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