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© Kyle Obermann
© Jonathan Irish

Poaching drives surge of tuskless elephants: 3 stories you may have missed

By Kiley Price

October 25, 2021
In case you missed it: Tuskless female elephants are becoming more common in Africa, countries must reach net zero emissions within the next 30 years and some countries pushed back on the findings of the recent UN climate report.
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Sunrise among the mountains in Turpan City, China
© Heng Wang

Don’t panic: Reasons for hope despite a grim UN climate report

By Will McCarry

September 30, 2021
Conservation News spoke with Conservation International's Will Turner about why there are still reasons for optimism in the face of climate breakdown.
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Climate-driven crop failures are driving up food prices: 3 stories you may have missed

By Vanessa Bauza

August 16, 2021
In case you missed it: Climate-driven extreme weather is wreaking havoc on farmers’ crops, rising sea levels are putting coastal communities in low-lying nations at risk of flooding and climate models are helping countries chart a path to net-zero emissions.
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Letter calls on corporate CEOs for climate lobbying

By Trisha Calvarese

October 16, 2019
Conservation International and coalition organizations publish a call to action, urging businesses to use their influence to lobby governments for science-based policy.
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Climate Week: From the Amazon to the oceans

By Bruno Vander Velde

September 25, 2019
Tuesday's Climate Week roundup: UN report warns grim future for oceans, marine scientists map out how to prevent that future and leaders discuss building resilience in coastal communities.
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