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Greenland melting, warming nights, COVID and wildlife: 3 stories you may have missed

By Kiley Price

October 5, 2020
In case you missed it: The Earth’s northernmost ice sheet is melting at a record pace, research revealed that global warming is occurring at different rates in the daytime compared with the night in many areas and COVID-19 is having varying impacts on the world's wildlife.
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Disappearing beaches, flash droughts, Arctic light pollution: 3 stories you may have missed

By Kiley Price

March 9, 2020
In case you missed it: The world's beaches are under threat due to climate change, rapidly onset "flash" droughts could hurt farming communities and a new study finds that artificial light disrupts fish behavior in the Arctic.
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Melting ice a ticking time bomb for Pacific islands

By Greg Stone, Ph.D.

November 10, 2015
At current rates, sea-level rise will either submerge or make unlivable a host of islands within a century, maybe sooner — presenting a humanitarian crisis for vulnerable populations.
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