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In wildlife trafficking, organized crime still a step ahead

By Sophie Bertazzo

July 11, 2016
Our new executive director of wildlife trafficking explains common misconceptions about the illegal wildlife trade.
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The direct connection between nature, national security and you

By Peter Seligmann

November 13, 2015
Competition for increasingly scarce resources leads to conflict and even failed states — making support for international conservation programs all the more crucial.
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U.S. House passes wildlife trafficking bill

By Bruno Vander Velde

November 4, 2015
In a rare show of bipartisanship in Washington, Representatives pass a bill cracking down on a deadly, illicit trade.
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U.S. flexing muscle against wildlife trafficking, terrorist groups

By Bruno Vander Velde

September 28, 2015
A bill in the U.S. Congress aims to curb the killing — and the terrorist organizations who profit.
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