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3 hopeful stories for endangered species

By Morgan Lynch

May 17, 2018
In honor of Endangered Species Day, Human Nature highlights three recent signs of hope for some of the world’s most threatened animals.
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Can ‘Gibbon-watching’ Save Cambodia’s Forests?

By Chanthon Cheb

April 20, 2015
Go see “Monkey Kingdom” before April 23rd to support this crucial project helping gibbons, forests and people in Cambodia.
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Why Monkeys Matter: What I’ve Learned From Finding Poop in the Woods

By Jackson Frechette

May 15, 2013
As seed dispersers, gibbons play an important role in forest growth.
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Fate of Vietnam’s Gibbons Hangs in the Balance

By Dr. Ben Rawson

May 21, 2012
A new assessment reveals that the country’s gibbon populations may soon be lost forever.
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