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Pacific islands face hardships as tuna follow warming waters

By Olivia DeSmit

July 1, 2019
Human Nature spoke with a tuna expert about the powerful ways climate change will affect tuna populations.
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Across the world’s seas, more refuges for predators

By Ben Koses

July 7, 2016
Even the ocean’s top predators need protecting — and shark sanctuaries are a great way to do it.
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A ‘Fitbit for the oceans’ aims to boost ailing seas

By Cassandra Kane

February 19, 2016
The Ocean Health Index can accurately isolate the ocean’s ills — and even help prescribe a cure.
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With climate change, Pacific tuna economy enters uncharted waters

By Sarah Hauck

January 7, 2016
If rising seas submerge an island nation, would it still control its rich waters?
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Opportunity, calamity in the balance amid plans to mine the deep sea

By Molly Bergen

July 9, 2015
How seabed mining can be environmentally responsible: a CI expert explains.
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