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In camera-trap snaps, scientists tackle big data challenge

By Molly Bergen

January 21, 2016
CI’s Jorge Ahumada gives a behind-the-scenes look at how technology is revolutionizing conservation biology.
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Study clears the waters on a dirty threat to Hawai‘i’s reefs

By Eric Walton

January 20, 2016
Of all the threats facing Hawai’i’s coasts and coral reefs, one of the trickiest to stop is mud.
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With climate change, Pacific tuna economy enters uncharted waters

By Sarah Hauck

January 7, 2016
If rising seas submerge an island nation, would it still control its rich waters?
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Nature’s role comes through in historic climate agreement

By Bruno Vander Velde

December 12, 2015
Climate negotiators in Paris unveiled a final draft of a climate change agreement on Saturday, with the role of nature featured prominently as a solution.
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Zoos and aquariums: The ‘front line of conservation’?

By Sarah Hauck

October 12, 2015
One scientist explains how zoos could hold the key to assuring the future of wildlife conservation.
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