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News, views and features from the front lines of conservation

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We can be heroes: Local leaders with super powers for conservation

By Jamey Anderson

September 9, 2016
Fifteen conservationists came together at the World Conservation Congress to showcase the power of community action for the environment.
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DNA test confirms presence of cave giants in Europe

By Molly Bergen

April 25, 2016
The presence of olms in Balkan caves is a good omen for the health of the groundwater they inhabit.
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Ensuring a Future for Vultures, Nature's Cleanup Crew

By Anand Chaudhary

October 30, 2013
In the spirit of Halloween, we share the story of one of nature’s “creepy creatures” that is more important than most people realize.
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Mapping Essential Ecosystems in the Land of Rice

By Rachel Neugarten

October 16, 2013
In order to save their own skin, the people of Madagascar must save the living “skin” of their country.
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Blending Ecology + Economy in the Western Ghats

By Pratim Roy

June 15, 2012
Communities in western India don’t need to learn about sustainability — they are already living it.
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