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How Incan ruins and Brazil nuts are fighting deforestation in Bolivia

By Cassandra Kane

March 3, 2017
Through conservation agreements, indigenous Bolivian communities are expanding their incomes while leaving forests standing.
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Growing cleaner, better coffee in the ‘land of a thousand hills’

By Amos Thiongo

September 23, 2016
Conservation agreements are helping Rwandan coffee farmers improve production — and fetch a better price.
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The forest behind your perfume

By Juliette Crepin

August 29, 2016
In the forests of Venezuela, three villages have found a crucial source of livelihood amid the country’s roiling economic crisis.
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Environmental Peacebuilding: Conservation Agreements Reduce People-park Conflict in Liberia

By Dr. Eduard Niesten

February 20, 2015
Too often, protected areas seem to pit conservation goals against the needs of local people, leading inevitably to conflict.
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What I’ve Learned about Protecting Indonesian Forests from Rural China

By Fitri Hasibuan

February 3, 2015
A CI Indonesia staffer gains insight into community-based conservation on her first trip to China.
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