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Raiders of the Corn: Reducing Human-monkey Conflict in the Indian Himalaya

By Martina Anandam

October 10, 2014
How a team of researchers is working with communities to protect farmers’ crops — and the animals that are destroying them.
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Ensuring a Future for Vultures, Nature's Cleanup Crew

By Anand Chaudhary

October 30, 2013
In the spirit of Halloween, we share the story of one of nature’s “creepy creatures” that is more important than most people realize.
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Conservation Tools: Bush Dog Caught on Camera in Brazil

By Guilherme Ferreira

July 30, 2013
This animal was the first of its species seen alive in Minas Gerais in 170 years.
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Protecting Fiji’s Waters: Q&A With a Conservation Leader

By Akosita Rokomate-Nakoro

July 20, 2012
A local conservationist reflects on what has inspired her career — and the challenges she faces in her work.
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Coffee Farmers Become Citizen Scientists in Southern Mexico

By Jennifer Lowry

February 10, 2012
As a result of their newfound bird knowledge, farmers are leaving more trees standing on their coffee farms.
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